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The Renaissance Faire Forget-Me-Knot

Last Updated: 10-03-2005

10-03-2005: Well, folks it has been a good run. I've kept this site up and running for a long time, however due to much renaissance faire burnout and real life responsibilities I am discontinuing this part of my website. Its been years since I last really updated these pages, and other commitments keep me from continuing an active level of participation in the renaissance faire circuit. There seems no time in the forseeable future that my level of participation will ever return to what it was. Several pages namely my faire speak and faire dress pages will remain active due to popularity, however, slowly but surely, the rest of the pages on this site will be phased out.

6-13-2003 Updated Renaissance Costuming FAQ - now version 1.3! Updated from 3 pages to 12!
5-27-2003 Updated A Character Creation How-to - totally new section to replace this page.
5-23-2003 Updated Faire Links - completely revised and updated.
5-16-2003 Updated Faire Reviews page with two new reviews
5-16-2003 Updated Faire Speak page - expanded and updated.

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good day, gentles... Sit back, relax, grab a good stout ale and enjoy the sites that will follow. You have entered what I like to call the ren faire experience. You can be anything you like here - perhaps a young knave who can't keep his hands off the women, or a lusty young serving wench. Maybe even a person of noble birth, paying homage to the queen, then down the street you could be a scots warrior in kilt and full armor. Welcome to the newly re-designed domain of me. Me?? Perhaps I should introduce myself before I go on assuming that everyone knows who I am... My name is Suzanne, and I am one of the few, the proud, the ren-faire folk. However, at faire I'm better known by several other names.

In this lovely picture you see the beautiful women of St Magdalene's. In the lower right hand corner sitting down you will see me, as Ariana Addingwood. So many names are used to describe the profession of these lovely ladies; one might call them lusty women, or perhaps women of ill-repute, or my favorite, courtesan.

Suzanne at '97 RPFNNow we see a young scots woman caught roaming the shire by one of yon flemish painter types. (For those who do not know, a flemish painter is a faire term for a photographer) In this guise you see me as Mairead Iain MacCallum of the Clan Gordon, (Whoa, what a name!!!!) one of the fostered children of the House of Gordon.

Suzanne at '98 RPFNFinally is this striking woman who had no idea that a picture would be taken of her. May I introduce just me as any character whatsoever. This is Ariana MacCallum/Addingwood/anything you wish to call her. As a tendency Ariana is my name of choice at faire. Much easier to respond to one name, instead of name after name, which will only get one confused.

So now you know a little about who I am at faire, it must be time to get to the good parts of this site. I've dedicated this website to providing as much information as possible about California Renaissance Faire. Allow me to ammend that, faires in Northern California, for the mean time. When I started participating at faire I had so many questions that a website such as this one would have proved truly useful.

Coming Up:

Fair Oaks Fayre
June 21-22, 2003

Yes, it's summer again and that means the return of the hot faires. Good news, however, it looks like Fair Oaks will be a cool 83 - 84 degrees all weekend. So, grab your garb, grab your super soaker, and hop on out for a great time this weekend!

You might have noticed the spiffy new domain name, if you haven't LOOK!!!! I'm really stoked. Well, anon gentles, good tidings and have a Bass for me. Huzzah!!!

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BTW, folks, I really like it when people take the time to sign my guestbook *hint hint*. But you know, that's just me - if you don't feel like signing it, fine... but just see what I get *you* for christmas. *sticking tounge out* Naaahh... (You know I'm just kidding, right?)

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