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The Renaissance Faire Forget-Me-Knot Presents...

Faire Reviews

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I am here to offer you a completely new and unique perspective on renaissance faire (okay, not really, but you gotta admit it's a good line to draw people in with...). Any how, where was I? Ah yes, completely new and unique. I'll admit it these pages are probably not going to give your average patron and/or playtron much that they'd want to read/see. I review faires as a participant and perhaps that is what some of you want to read. It seems like a good idea, although there are a plethora (oooo, twenty-five cent word!) of faires out there that I can't make it to, and I'm always more than willing to post other peoples reviews!!! You can choose your own format, or go to the bottom of the page and get my format for reviews.

So here are the reviews, feel free to email me with any comments or rants (or reviews!). Thanks and now on with the show...

Faire Reviews 2003
Fresno City College Renaissance Faire - March 2003
Tulare County Renaissance Faire - April 2003

Faire Reviews 2001
Pittsburg Renaissance Festival - August 2001

Faire Reviews 2000
Calaveras Celtic Faire - March 2000
Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire - August 2000

Past Faire Reviews
June 1997(Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre)
July1997 (Pittsburg Scottish Festival)
August-September 1997( Renaissance Pleasure Faire-North)
October 1997 (Folsom Renaissance Faire & Tournament)
March 1998(Fresno City College Faire)

As many of you know, I have been searching for reviews of faires as this page is sorely lacking... I've had no real time to write up any reviews, however I have made up a general form for reviews if any of you would care to write one:
Faire Review Form
If you wish to write a review simply copy this form and then e-mail it to me and your review will be posted shortly.