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The Renaissance Faire Forget-Me-Knot Presents...

Faire Links

Well, here's what you've all been waiting for, I hope. I finally got around to updating this darned links page, and hey - it only took me one day to do it! I don't know if I should give the typical spiel about this being a constantly updated page because the fact is I don't know when I'll next have a chance to update it. But here it is: the bigger, the better, the expanded links page. I hope you like it. Because if you don't...

If there are any broken links or you would like me to add your link, please e-mail me at:

Elizabethan & Renaissance Resources

Renaissance Faire Information
Renaissance Costuming - Merchants and Resources
Celtic Resources
Other Thynges of Interest

Elizabethan and Renaissance Resources

Historical Reference

A Compendium of Common Knowledge

A Description of England

Elizabeth I

Le Poulet Gauche

Shake Loose the Border, the Anglo-Scottish border in the sixteenth century

Shakespeare Studies Links

The Great Chain of Being, an essay on precedence and rank

The Prices and Rates that euerye perticuler person ovveth to pay for his fayre or passage, vnto Watermen or Whyrrymen from London to Grauesende, and likewise from Grauesende to London...

Tudor England

Wrong Side of the River: London's disreputable South Bank in the sixteenth and seventeenth century


Literature and Drama

Elizabethan Authors: Texts, Resources, and Authorship Studies

Renaissance Literature Links.

The Book of the Courtier

The Complete Works of Christopher Marlowe

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The English School-maister

The Philiogical Museum

The Scholemaster


Elizabethan Food and Drink

Elizabethan Brewing

Elizabethan Food, a page of references and links, with recipes and bibliography, from Cindy Renfrew.

Food Heritage Press, purveyors of historic cookery books.

Medieval and Renaissance Brewing Home Page

The Medieval and Renaissance Food Page


The Modern Drink: Ales, Wines, Meads & Liquors (And Their Brewing)

A Classification of Pure Malt Scotch Whiskies

All About Beer

Arthur Guinness Son & Co., Ltd.

Bass Brewers

Earle Estates Meadery

Got Mead? - All the information you ever wanted about Mead

Guinness Beer FAQt and Folklore

Home Brewing - Tavern Supply and Draft Beer Store dedicated to the education, awareness and appreciation of Mead

Mead (Honey wine) Mead has a history from before recorded time.

Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage

The Hopstore (Guinness Store)

The Real Beer Page

White Winter Winery - Iron River, WI, USA - Makers Of The Best Mead Wines!


Renaissance Music and Song

A Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments

Calendar of Historic Dance

Early Music Resources on the Web

Playford's The Dancing Master Or, Plain and Easie Rules for the Dancing of Country Dances

Renaissance Dance Archive and Resources

Sixteenth Century Ballads

Sixteenth-Century Printed Tablatures for the Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela

The First Book of English Madrigals by John Wilbye (1598). Also from Jeff Lee.

The Music of Thomas Ravenscroft


Renaissance Games and Pastimes


The Medieval and Renaissance Games Homepage, from Justin du Coeur.


Elizabethan Wordplay

A Note on Shakespeare's Grammar, or how to use thou and thee.

A Shakespearian Grammar

Faire Names for English Folk: Late Sixteenth Century English Names

Learn How To Speak For RenFaires!

Proper Elizabethan Accents, with related pages on language, vocabulary, and grammar

Ren Faire: Elizabethan Accents


Renaissance Faire Information

General Faire Information

Alt.Fairs.Renaissance Bio Ring

At The Faire: Renaissance Photo Archives

Reconstructing History

The Directorie of Renaissance Faires

The SCRIBE Network Home Page

WebRing of Renaissance Pictures


California Faires

Calaveras Celtic Fair

Folsom Tournament & Renaissance Fayre

Hanford Renaissance of Kings Cultural Arts Faire

Heart of the Forest Renaissance Faire - Marin

Kearney Park Renaissance Faire

Pittsburg Renaissance Festival

Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Northern California

Renaissance Pleasure Faire - Southern California

San Luis Obispo Central Coast Renaissance Festival

Santa Barbara Live Oak Renaissance Faire

Tulare Renaissance Faire & Marketplace

Valhalla Renaissance Festival at Lake Tahoe


Non-California Faires

Arizona Renaissance Faire

Bristol Renaissance Faire

Georgia Renaissance Festival

Maryland Renaissance Festival

New York Renaissance Festival

NJ Renaissance Festival & Kingdom

Ontario Renaissance Festival

Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Entertainment Corp Faires Page

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Sterling, N.Y. Renaissance Festival

Texas Renaissance Festival


Guilds Formal and Informal
And Other Organizations

Biggins Family

California Independent Renaissance Guilds Association (CIRGA)

Cardiff Rose Theatrical Fencing School

Clan MacColin of Glenderry

Danse Macabre Dance of Death

English Company of Foote

Fahnlein Kriegshunde

Friends of Faire

Guild of St. Cuthbert

Guild of St. George

Guild of St. Maximilian's - Todesengel Fähnlein

Guild of St. Michael

International Wenches Guild

La Compagnia della Italiani

LOOPED Home Page - Loyal Order of the Pretzel, English Division

Merri Pryanksters - English Country Dance

Mighty Guilde O' Sainte Dymphna

Rogues' Guild: The International Brotherhood of Rogues Scoundrels and Cads

RPFS Gardening Society

Santa Maria

Society for Creative Anachronism

St. Christina the Astonishing

St. Elizabeth's Guild Home Page

St. Magdalene

St. Matthew's Guild of Historical Performers

St. Murphy's Troupe

St. Sebastians

Teahouse of the Mullah Nasrudin's Donkey

Travellers Union Home

Yeomen of the Guard


Troupes, Companies, Shows and Acts

Belles of Bedlam


Broon and Moonie

Dogs In Doublets

Hahbi 'Ru - Folkloric Middle Eastern Dance

Merry Wives of Windsor

Phil Johnson aka MooNie the Magnif'Cent

Sound & Fury

Stark Ravens Historical Players

The Guild of Renaissance Performers Webring

The Minstrels Of Mayhem (AHEM!)

The Poxy Boggards



Black Forest Shires

Lance-A-Lot Productions

Seattle Knights

The Devil's Horsemen

War Horse Productions


Personal Faire Pages

Anachronistically Correct - Lady Peldyn's Home Page

Banshee's Renaissance Faire Homepage

Bob Clevenger's Pages

CyberKender's Home Page

Danicia's Renaissance World

Dawntreader's Domain

Joatmon's Renaissance Faire Pictures

Kalani's Renaissance Faire Page

Morgan Mayhem's Renaissance Faire Website

Morghana's Web

Ryleh's Renaissance World

SDJThorin's Faire Page

Sir Clisto Seversword's Tome of Adventure and Knowledge

Snipe.Net: Home of the Red Haired Snipe

The Concrete Forest: Home Of The Bronx Elf

The Renaissance Faire Junkie

Vicky Rowe's Home Page

White Dragon's Renaissance Links



Being a "Performer" at RPFN/S -- more information (v.1.2)

Getting Involved at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire (v.1.2)

Meet and Greet (v 1.0) (or: A Gaffer's Advice to my Fellow Actors)

So, You Want to Work The Faire? (v 1.0)

FAQ - Costuming For Renaissance Faires (v 1.1)

FAQ - Renaissance Faires (v 1.1)

A Renaissance Faire Glossary (v 1.1)


Ren Faire Fun Stuff

Guidelines for the Bad Elizabethan Costume Contest

Maryland Renfest Withdrawal Syndrome

Ren Faire: Top-10 Privy Problems

Renaissance Faire Purity Test

The Black Book of Locksley - A Compendium of Lyrics, Stories, Jokes, Japes and Jests for Historical Re-Enactment Groups

The Dialectizer


Ren Faire Shoppes

Celtic Rose - Celtic Jewelry and Pewterware


Early Outfitters

Fellowship Foundry: Home Page

Medieval Pavilion Resources

Panther Pavilions

Philip Tuley's Renaissance Designs - wood products

Renaissance Magazine - medieval and renaissance publication

Song of the Sea - Bagpipes, Harps and Dulcimers

Tentsmiths Home Page


Renaissance Costuming - Merchants and Resources

Costume Research and Some How-to's

Auld Garb Monger's Renaissance Garb for Manly Men

Blackwork Embroidery Archives

Compleat Corset Page

Costumer's Guild West

Custom Corset Pattern Generator

Elizabethan Costume: History and Technique

Elizabethan Costuming Homepage

Elizabethan Sumptuary Statutes

Footwear of the Middle Ages

The Garb Bag

International Costumers Guild Home Page

Irishwomen's Dress

Milieux: The Costume Site

Morghana's Costume Resources

Renaissance Faire Costuming Guide

The Costume Page

To Make a Beautiful Color - an introduction to trade (commercial) dyes of the sixteenth century


Fyne Costumers

A Wardrobe in Time

AFR Costume Sales List

Age of Chivalry

Chivalry Sports Renaissance

Faire Pair Tights and Such

Hearts Delight Renaissance Clothing

Lady and the Fool Renaissance Clothing

MoiRandall's Web Catalog

Original Dye Spot

Peldyn & Gwyneth's Garb: Medieval & Renaissance Clothing

Pendragon Costumes

Pillaged Village

Round Two Costumes

Stitches From Tyme

Travel Clothing by Half Moon

Winter Moon Costumes



SodHoppers Home Page

Minnetonka Moccasins by Mail: Renaissance Boots

William Morris' Costume Design Page: Footwear

Footwear of the Middle Ages Homepage


Costume Supplies

Calontir Trim - Fabric Trims of All Types

Grannd Garb - Historic Clothing Supply Company supplies for costuming and corset making


AlterYears Store: For the Costumer


Celtic Resources

Celtic Reference

Celtic Cultures

Celtic Reconstruction Northern California - Essays, Links and References for exploring Celtic Reconstruction in Northern California and beyond

Gaelic-English Dictionary

References for Celtic Knotwork and Related Arts

Sharon Krossa: Medieval Scotland


Celtic Clothing

Kalani's Kilt Pleating 101

Rialto Archive: Clothing of Scotland. Folding of kilts.

Scottish Clothing, ca. 1100-1600 C.E.

Tartans of Scotland - Scottish Tartan ... the Register of All Publicly Known Tartans

Wrapping and Wearing The Great Kilt


Other Thynges of Interest


Here Be Dragons!

The Cavemaster - Random Fantasy Name Generator

The Green Man


Dicken's Fair Resources

Amazon Drygoods

PEERS Home Page

The Dickens Page

The Soiled Doves

Victorian Events Calendar

Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living


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